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Worship That Works: Theory and Practice for Unitarian Universalists
Worship That Works: Theory and Practice for Unitarian Universalists
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In the fall of 2005 Wayne Arnason and Kathleen Rolenz, co-ministers at West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church near Cleveland, OH, embarked on an eighteen-month sabbatical road trip in search of the cutting edge of innovation in worship practices. They attended services and interviewed worship leaders at thirty congregations of diverse sizes and traditions. This book—the result of their research—is a challenge to all Unitarian Universalists who care about the services in which they participate. Full of insight and vision, Worship That Works provides practical, specific advice to improve the key elements of the service and increase the spiritual resonance of worship through symbols, music, cultural sensitivity, inclusion, and more.

This excerpt is the complete first section—Visions and Challenges—in which Arnason and Rolenz lay out a compelling vision of what Unitarian Universalist worship can be for each and every one of our congregations, as well as describe the challenges that will be faced by all too many of our communities of faith as they try to bring this vision to life.

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