Worship Resources for Tough Economic Times
Worship Resources for Tough Economic Times

These are difficult and unsettling economic times for many Unitarian Universalists (UUs), our communities, our nation, and our world. Yet money is still one of the great taboos, generally unaddressed in our sanctuaries except during the annual canvas and then only reluctantly. So how do we speak to the experience of these times? Can we find words that will help us to speak with and to one another as economic beings, inextricably bound with one another in this global economy? Can we talk about money without asking for it or decrying the unjust distribution of it, but as a fundamental and inescapable reality of our lives?

Service Elements (Opening Words, Chalice Lightings, etc.)

Meditations and Prayers


Resources for Families

  • Taking It Home (PDF): Families and Faith—Let's Talk About Time/Money Balance by Jacqueline Clement
  • Children, Democracy and Unitarian Universalist Faith by Tracey Hurd: a wonderful exploration of how to engage with children about the political—including economic—realities in which they, too, live
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