Margaret Fuller Bicentennial Worship Materials
Margaret Fuller Bicentennial Worship Materials
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The 200th anniversary of the birth of Margaret Fuller affords us to celebrate her life, work and legacy. To ensure a fitting celebration of this extraordinary woman, a group of Unitarian Universalist ministers and lay people, scholars, and representatives from historical sites, commissions and organizations have come together to lift up Fuller’s multi-faceted life as an author, conversationalist, journalist, friend, companion, mother, and wife. This packet of worship resources is meant to assist Unitarian Universalist congregations in a journey of discovery of this extraordinary woman, an ancestor of our faith.

You can access the following PDF file and print either the complete packet of worship materials or just the section in which you are interested:

As part of the Margararet Fuller Bicentennial Bicentennial Celebration, the Committee held a Hymn Competition.  

Laura Halfvarson Jump of Hendersonville, NC, composed the winning setting of Ed Thompson’s hymn text, “New Worlds Manifest,” which was based on the writings and ideas of Margaret Fuller. Ms. Jump is a member of the choir and Music Committee of the UU Church of Asheville, NC, and is employed as the office manager of the UU Fellowship of Hendersonville.

The following sheet music is available:


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