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Covenant of the District Presidents Association
UUA Governance & Management, UUA Districts & Regions

We, the members of the District Presidents Association (DPA), promise to:

  • Honor our time together by being present, attentive and respectful through careful listening, honesty, patience, and kindness,
  • Take our responsibilities seriously, both to the DPA and to our individual districts, as well as to our Unitarian Universalist Principles, and the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations as a whole, and
  • Stay in relationship even in disagreement, to assume good intentions, and to remember to have fun.

We ask of the DPA:

  • To provide information to one another in a timely manner (in person, via mail/email, and on our website), to be responsive to requests, and to honor the confidentiality of certain discussions (to be determined by the participants), and
  • To have our physical needs met through nourishing food, a comfortable space, and time to rest and be quiet when we gather; through timely payment of bills, and, as always, through plenty of joy.

Adopted June 2004
Revised November 2004

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