District Presidents Association
Regional Leaders Group (Formerly Districts Presidents Association)
UUA Governance & Management, UUA Districts & Regions

The District Presidents Association (DPA) historically served as the primary advocate for districts and regions within our Unitarian Universalist Association. As district and regional structures have evolved over the last few years, leadership has also evolved. Some regions are represented by district and regional boards and presidents. Others have dissolved their district boards and replaced them with Advisory Councils who ensure regional input into field staff services. This diverse group of board and advisory leaders now make up the Regional Leaders Group (RLG), which now replaces the District Presidents Association

The mission of the RLG is to support geographically-affiliated leadership volunteers by providing a learning environment and maintaining institutional knowledge, and to support the Director of Congregational Life in designing geographically-appropriate structures for the delivery of UUA services.

Our vision is a well-structured system for delivery of UUA services that accounts for geographic diversity.

For more information contact conglife@uua.org.

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