UUA Margaret Fuller Bicentennial Committee Hymn Competition
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Announcement of Winner

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Margaret Fuller Bicentennial Committee is pleased to announce the winner of the Margaret Fuller Bicentennial Hymn Competition.

Laura Halfvarson Jump of Hendersonville, NC, composed the winning setting of Ed Thompson’s hymn text, “New Worlds Manifest,” which was based on the writings and ideas of Margaret Fuller. Ms. Jump is a member of the choir and Music Committee of the UU Church of Asheville, NC, and is employed as the office manager of the UU Fellowship of Hendersonville.

Thompson is Minister of Music to the Unitarian Church in Westport, CT, where he is also active as a private teacher, coach, accompanist and composer. He is an active member of the Unitarian-Universalist Musician's Network.

Ms. Jump’s setting of “New Worlds Manifest” was selected from among more than 50 submissions by composers from all over the United States and Canada.  She was awarded a $500.00 honorarium and her hymn is included below with the hope that it will be sung to honor Margaret Fuller’s 200th birthday on May 23, 2010.  The hymn will also be featured at a special Margaret Fuller Bicentennial event at General Assembly 2010 in Minneapolis.

Sheet Music

The following documents are available:

Hymn Text

"New Worlds Manifest"   
Adapted from the writings of Margaret Fuller by Ed Thompson

We seek in nature and in art
For ways to comprehend
The meaning that our life enfolds,
What makes us break or bend.
Within each leaf and brush of paint
Our traits we apprehend;
And in these patterns we can find   
A life that’s without end.

All women and all men alike
May freely use the mind,
And thus from thoughtless, mannered ways
A truer pathway find.
But also, freely, let’s employ
Imagination’s part,
that dwells inside of every soul;
and makes of life an art.

No matter what our circumstance,
Our nature is to grow
And in that growth we may discern
the gifts we can bestow.
Whatever be your calling, do!
Sincerely, and with zest;
And in that work may we then find
The ‘holy’ manifest.

And on this journey share the thoughts
That beckon, old or new;
Surpassing challenge, strive beyond:
Our lives will be renewed.
With courage then, may we reach out
To aid the oppressed and weak
And in that struggle manifest
The justice that we seek.