Financial Advisors Since 1961
Financial Advisors Since 1961
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Since the establishment of the position, six individuals have held the office of Financial Advisor:

Schroeder Boulton (1968-1973). Boulton was a member of the First Unitarian Congregational Society of Brooklyn, New York, and had served since 1965 on the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Investment Committee. An investment manager, he was a partner in the firm of Jesup & Lamont in New York City. He was initially elected by the Board of Trustees in 1968 and to a four year term by the General Assembly in 1969.

Robert P. Adelman (1973-1981). Adelman was a member of the North Shore Unitarian Society of Plandome NY, where he had served in many leadership positions, including president and finance committee chair (now called the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock, New York). An attorney and financial manager, he was the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Rockefeller Center at the time of his election and had previously served as the Chief Financial Officer of the New York State Urban Development Corporation. After his service as Financial Advisor, he continues to be active as a board member of the Liberal Religious Charitable Society.

Robert T. Lavender (1981-1989). Lavender is a member of the Unitarian Church in Westport, Connecticut, where he had served as trustee and treasurer, among other positions. He is a financial consultant and attorney, and a former Vice President of the Irving Trust Company. He had also been active as a trustee of the Metro New York District and on the Beacon Press Review Committee. After his service as Financial Advisor, he served as chair of the special UUA Committee on Ministerial and Church Staff Compensaton and chair of the Mid Atlantic Regional Sub-Committee of the Ministerial Fellowship Committee.  You can read his reflections on his career with the UUA and finance at his blog, Financial Advice, Freely Given.

Arnold W. Bradburd (1989-1997). Bradburd is a member of the Church of the Restoration (Unitarian Universalist) of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and had served for five years as a member of the UUA Board of Trustees (representing the Joseph Priestley District) prior to his election as Financial Advisor. Originally an accountant by training, he is the chairman and treasurer of the Interstate Steel Supply Company. After his service as Financial Advisor, he continued to be active as a member of the Congregational Properties & Loan Commission and of the board of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

Dan Brody (2005-2013). Brody is a member of the First Unitarian Universalist Society in Newton, Massachusetts, where he has served as chair of the Board of Investment and of the Financial Oversight Committee. He is a consultant to Field First LLC, providing data management services to progressive political campaigns. He was previously vice president of The Keefe Company, an urban planning and real estate development firm in Boston, chief financial officer for the Harvard Kennedy School, and Deputy State Budget director for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Lawrence R. Ladd (1997-2005; 2013-2016). Ladd is a member and former treasurer of the Church of the Larger Fellowship (Unitarian Universalist). A former president of Liberal Religious Youth (the predecessor of YPRU), he also was a member of the UUA Commission on Appraisal. A professional financial manager for not-for-profit organizations, he was Director of Budget & Financial Planning at Harvard University at the time of his election. He is now the practice leader for not-for-profit consulting services for Grant Thornton LLP.

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