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3.4 External Relations: UUA Governance Manual

Speaking with one voice is an important value of the board. To achieve this, the board will formally delegate official authority to speak on behalf of the organization in the public arena. Committee chairs, working group conveners and officers are authorized to communicate with members of the press concerning areas of Board discussion, deliberation and action within the scope of their authority following meetings of their respective groups.

  1. The CGO [Chief Governance Officer] and President are the customary spokespersons for the UUA [Unitarian Universalist Association]. Trustee’s interaction with the public, press or other entities must recognize that no Trustee may speak for the Board except to repeat explicitly stated Board decisions.
  2. Any Board member may be empowered and charged by the Board to be a Board representative in relationship with any group, and such empowerment, the charge and its responsibilities will be defined by the Board at the time of the assignment.
  3. Board members may represent the Board or the Association at meetings and events where such representation is deemed desirable and where the CGO has agreed to the representation. Board members are entitled to represent themselves as UUA Trustees at ceremonial events where the Board member deems such representation desirable. Board members are responsible and accountable for avoiding any ambiguity about their representative role or authorization to speak for the Board of Trustees or the UUA.
  4. For special electronic communications (e.g., the Board Blog, the Board Face Book page), the CGO may appoint an individual trustee to write inputs in areas in which she/he has knowledge or expertise.
  5. The Chief Governance Officer will appoint a trustee or trustees to write a brief letter to UU ministers and congregational presidents following each quarterly board meeting, to apprise them of important decisions the Board made at that meeting and vital issues it discussed. Such a letter will be signed by the Secretary on behalf of the Board.

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Last updated on Monday, January 20, 2014.

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