UUA Governance Manual Section Four (Board-President Linkage) Policy Revision History
UUA Governance & Management
  • April 2008: This document was affirmed by the Board of Trustees for its first posting on the UUA.org at the meeting of April 2008.
  • April 2009:
    1. Changed the word “instruct” to “direct” in the delegation to the President.
    2. Changed “member” to “Trustee” where appropriate.
  • October 2009: Section 4.4.3 expanded to include sub-policies A,B,C.
  • January 2010: Section 4.4.3 expanded to include sub-policy C.3.a.
  • November 2010: Did mass review of all Board Minutes April 2009-AOct 2010, and incorporated all Board Motions.
  • January 2012: Removed section 4.4.3.C.c.a.
  • May 2012: Added policy 4.3.6.
  • June 2012: Removed policy 4.3.5. Subsequent policies renumbered.

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