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Board Governance Policy 4.4.3.C addresses Board processing of the President’s Monitoring Reports, and is reproduced here for your information. When new actions become available they will be posted to this page under the month and year in which they were reported.

Policy 4.4.3.C

  1. We will view the monitoring process as a learning opportunity, identifying and processing teaching moments produced by our work.
  2. The Board may accept or reject a monitoring report based on the reasonableness of the interpretation and adequacy of the supporting data and/or information. Rejection would require a rewrite of the interpretation or a rehabilitation plan toward full compliance to be submitted within a specified period of time.
  3. The Board has several options in addressing a monitoring report:

    1. Accept a report, finding that the interpretation is reasonable and that the data is in compliance with the metrics in the interpretation.
    2. Accept a report with acknowledgement of concerns and broad direction for the next rotation of monitoring reports. It would be expected that the board concern expressed will be integrated into the next rotation of reporting for that policy in order for the board to accept the subsequent report.
    3. Reject a report, expecting the report to be rewritten outside of the monitoring schedule, with a new interpretation and compliance, by a date specified. 

      1. Exception: In 2010, this option will only be used when the matter of monitoring is critical to the well-being of the organization. This policy will sunset on January 31, 2011
    4. Reject a report when the data is not in compliance with the interpretation’s metrics, expecting the report to include a reasonable rehabilitation plan.



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