General Assembly: Association Business & Social Witness
Governance at General Assembly: Association Business & Social Witness
UUA Governance & Management

General Assembly (GA) is the annual business meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Delegates from member congregations, including congregation members, ministers and credentialed religious educators, meet in business sessions and make policy for carrying out the purposes of the Association and controlling its affairs. When needed, a special General Assembly may be called by the Board of Trustees or by petition of at least 50 congregations.

The agenda of General Assembly is prepared by the Board of Trustees, and includes reports, Bylaws and rules amendments, business resolutions, and Study/Action issues and Statements of Conscience. Business items may be initiated by the Board, by congregational petitions, by member petitions, by Districts, or by the Commission on Social Witness, with some items involving multi-year processes. Some additional items may be admitted to the agenda by direct action of the Assembly.

General Assembly elects the following positions:

In addition, General Assembly elects members of the committees of the Association:

  • Nominating Committee (all elected): Nominates candidates for elected positions (not including the President or Moderator).
  • Presidential Search Committee (five elected, two appointed by the Board): Nominates candidates for President.
  • General Assembly Planning Committee (eight elected, two appointed by the Board): Makes arrangements for General Assembly and associated programs.
  • Commission on Appraisal (all elected): Studies and provides independent reviews of Association functions, activities, and issues.
  • Commission on Social Witness (three elected, two appointed by the Board): Oversees social justice business items such as Study/Action issues and Statements of Conscience.
  • Board of Review (all elected): Reviews appeals on termination of ministerial fellowship by the Ministerial Fellowship Committee or Religious Education Credentialing Committee.

The Moderator, the President, the Financial Advisor, the Board of Trustees, and the Treasurer each make an annual report to each regular General Assembly.

Minutes, Reports, and Video

Annual Reports from UUA Officers, Committees, Staff, and Associate Member Organizations are published each year, along with reports and streaming video from the Plenaries (business sessions) of the General Assembly.

Social Justice Statements

The purpose of the Congregational Study/Action Process is to provide the member congregations of the Association with an opportunity to mobilize energy, ideas, and resources around a common issue. The end result will be a deeper understanding of our religious position on the issue, a clear statement of Association policy as expressed in a Statement of Conscience, and a greater capacity for the congregations to take effective action.

UUA Social Justice Statements

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