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Job Description for the President of the Unitarian Universalist Association
Job Description for the President of the Unitarian Universalist Association
UUA Governance & Management, UUA Elections

Finalized October 25, 2014 by the Presidential Search Committee.

The President of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is the primary public and spiritual leader of Unitarian Universalism and the executive leader of our Association.

The President:

  • Serves as the Executive under Policy Governance, with responsibility for interpreting and implementing the Association’s Ends as set by the Board.
    • Accountable to the Board, which is the designee of the General Assembly, in relationship to Executive Limitations policies.
    • Acts as head of the UUA Staff.
    • Effectively manages and deploys the resources of the Association in service of the Ends.
  • Serves as ex officio, non-voting member of the UUA Board.
  • Acts as the prophetic voice and the face of Unitarian Universalism.
    • Speaks to Unitarian Universalists and on our behalf.
    • Represents Unitarian Universalism in the public square and with other faith leaders.
  • Extends and strengthens Unitarian Universalist institutions.
    • Inspires generosity rooted in Unitarian Universalist values.
    • Builds, nurtures, and sustains strategic relationships.
    • Plays a leadership role in UUA fundraising.
    • Provides a pastoral and ceremonial presence in support of beloved community.
  • Provides leadership for the Association’s Ends of transforming power, privilege and oppression.

Our ideal candidates will:

  • Be able to authentically and accountably represent the whole of our movement and its diverse members.
    • Have a broad, intersectional cultural competence and a commitment to grow and develop it.
    • Seek out the wisdom and experience of those often unseen and unheard.
  • In personal and professional relationships, conduct themselves ethically and with integrity, seek justice and right relations, and engage with others compassionately.
  • Live a liberal religious spiritual life in word, deed, and personal practice.
  • Be resilient with a strong sense of self and an established support network.
  • Be capable of engaging with power, money, and people who hold them.
  • Be passionate about Unitarian Universalism, its institutions and covenanted communities.
    • Have a vision for the growth of our movement.
  • Be a faithful risk-taker in service to a compelling vision

Our ideal candidates will possess the following skills, knowledge and attributes:

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including an understanding of the evolving landscape of communication technology and media.
  • Impressive leadership skills, including especially the ability to manage a complex organization, delegate to others, and assess and plan for effective work.
  • An understanding of systems theory and organizational development
    • Understands both the explicit and implicit ways the Association works
  • Ability to inspire others, including (but not limited to) staff, donors, and leaders.
  • Emotional and pastoral intelligence and good listening skills.
  • Talented ordained or lay preacher.

Potential nominees must be:

  • A member in good standing of a UUA member congregation (per UUA By-Laws).
  • Able to travel extensively.
  • Able to spend a significant amount of time in Boston.
  • At least 18 years of age (per MA law).

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