General Assembly 2021 Contested Election Information About Candidates for Board Position #8

UPDATE: Rev. Sam Trumbore was elected to Board Position #8. This content will be retired in Summer 2021.

Polls for the 2021 election for Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Boards, Committees, and Commissions will open on June 1, 2021. Take a moment to read through our helpful information sheet (PDF, 2 pages) on what you need to know about voting this year.

Candidates Running for Board of Trustees Position #8

The following two candidates are running for a single position (#8) on the Unitarian Universalist Association Board of Trustees. The election will take place in June and the results will be announced at General Assembly (GA) 2021.

Jay Kiskel

Jay Kiskel, Candidate for Position #8 on the UUA Board of Trustees

Jay Kiskel

Candidate Statement

Jay Kiskel has dedicated his time and talent to Unitarian Universalism for many years, including serving on the board of his home congregation, the Mid-South District, The Mountain (Unitarian Universalist [UU] affiliated retreat center in NC), and as president of the Universalist Convocation. He is a member of the UU History & Heritage Society with a specialty in Southern UU history. He also provides technical web support for the UUHHS and Dictionary of UU Biography websites. Jay is keenly interested in reinvigorating democracy in the governance of the Association. He advanced his candidacy by petition for a UUA Board position so that General Assembly delegates will have an opportunity to cast a ballot in the selection of our national leadership team.

Visit Jay's candidate website for more information.

Rev. Sam Trumbore

Sam Trumbore, Candidate for Position #8 on the UUA Board of Trustees

Sam Trumbore

Candidate Statement

Sam Trumbore is a leader who appreciates the best of our heritage, recognizes and responds to today’s challenges, and builds inclusion by adapting to our differences.

He is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist, ordained as a minister in 1992, who has served the Albany UU congregation since 1999. A graduate of Pacific Central District Leadership School and Starr King School for the Ministry in 1989, Sam values a systems approach to organizational development. He has served as President of two UU Minister Association chapters, a Gamaliel three-county congregationally-based community organizing project, the Unitarian Universalist Buddhist Fellowship, and chaired two UUA Committees.

Major religious traditions are facing strong headwinds. We cannot go back to old ways. This is a time of deep discernment of who we are called to become. This is a time that will demand visionary change. Sam is ready to help guide us to find our new path.

Visit Sam's candidate website for more information.

Review the full slate of candidates for election at GA 2021.

Covenant Between the Candidates for Board Position #8

"We will work together to create a fair, honest, and truth-centered campaign and conversations that foster the growth and development of our faith and our Association. We affirm the need for issues-based debate and creative, healthy competition during this campaign. We will maintain a tone which is respectful of each other and the interests and concerns of our supporters."

June 1, 2021 Candidates Forum

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Election Campaign Practices Committee (ECPC) sponsored a Candidates Forum on June 1, 2021, featuring the two candidates for Board Position #8, the Rev. Sam Trumbore, and Jay Kiskel. ECPC members, the Rev. KC Slack and Beth McGregor, served as moderators, and attendees submitted questions for the candidates in advance and during the forum.