Application for UUA President (2023-2029)

Newly elected, President Susan Frederick-Gray sits on the stage at GA 2017, surrounded by family and Board members.

Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick-Gray, flanked by family and Board, is installed as UUA President at General Assembly 2017.

The Unitarian Universalist Association's (UUA) Presidential Search Committee thanks you for your interest in serving our UUA as President. On this page, you'll find the official job description for UUA President, the portion of the UUA Bylaws that describe the nomination process, the application deadline, how to apply, and who to contact for more information. Again, the Committee is grateful for your interest in this challenging and rewarding role which will shape the future of our faith tradition.

Job Description

Carefully review the approved job description. (PDF, 3 pages)

Bylaw Details on Nomination Process by the Presidential Search Committee

Section 9.5. (a) states

President. The Presidential Search Committee shall submit no fewer than two nominations for the office of President for an election at the end of a presidential term or for a special election. The report of the Presidential Search Committee shall be announced by November 15 of the year before the General Assembly at which there is to be a presidential election, except in the case of a special election, in which case the report of the Presidential Search Committee shall be announced by December 10 of the year before the election.

Application Deadline

The deadline to submit applications to the Presidential Search Committee was July 15, 2022.


To apply send the following information:

  1. A statement of intention which includes:
    • A resume with your contact information (limit 3 pages).
    • A cover letter describing why you are applying and why you believe you are qualified for the position (limit 1,000 words).
    • The email and phone contact information for three references who know you from a variety of settings. Include their names, job titles, and a short statement of how you know them.
    • A presentation, speech, or sermon you have given (both written and a link to audio/video if possible).
  2. In addition, please answer the following questions. There is an overall 5,000-word limit.
    • What do you see as the optimal relationship between Unitarian Universalist congregations/covenanted communities and the UUA?
    • Share with us your leadership style and how you imagine being the prophetic voice for our faith. What is your vision for achieving the UUA’s goals concerning transforming power, privilege, and oppression?
    • Describe your personal spiritual practices and sources of resilience.
    • Using the job description as a guide, what competencies do you have that you believe would be a strength as the President of the UUA?

Send your complete application, in one large PDF file, to You will receive acknowledgement of your application once it is received.

Informational Questionnaire

Please provide the Committee with contact and demographic information about yourself by filling out the following form:

Please note that we want this process to be as accessible and affirming as possible for all candidates. If you have ideas for an alternative form of application that would better represent you and your gifts, please send us an email and we will be happy to discuss alternative processes.

UUA Human Resources will conduct a background check for each candidate. If you are aware of any issues, please contact the Presidential Search Committee at