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Moderator Nominating Committee
Moderator Nominating Committee
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The Moderator Nominating Committee will begin screening possible Nominees for the Moderator position in October 2017.

The Moderator(s) are the Chief Governance Officer(s) of the UUA, chair(s) of the Board of Trustees, and Presiding Officer(s) at General Assemblies. They serve a single six-term starting at the close of General Assembly 2019.

Our Moderator needs to have:

  • Knowledge of, love for, and commitment to Unitarian Universalism and our Ideals, History, Polity, Organizations, Interest Groups, and especially our Bylaws.
  • Strong skill set with countering systems of oppression and cultural marginalization, and leading with intercultural fluency and humility. Worked or lived experience with communities of color or indigenous peoples is of particular value.
  • An understanding of and mindful approach to Robert’s Rules of Order, with an awareness of when it is appropriate to seek council from Parliamentarian, and a commitment to working with the Rules in counter-oppressive ways
  • Experience with and Understanding of Policy Governance
  • Healthy boundaries, and a clear understanding of the role of the Moderator within the wider system
  • Experience with similar leadership positions, such as being the chair of the Board of Trustees for a non profit or large and dynamic congregation
  • Familiarity with our UUA Board of Trustees and their process
  • An understanding of the role of the Board in UUA  finance and fundraising
  • Leadership skills, including proficiency with agenda planning,  presentations, discussion leading and meeting facilitation, communication (including public speaking), articulation of decision making process, inclusion of marginalized voices etc.
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to delegate
  • Experience with being in the public eye
  • A strong spiritual life

Our Moderator needs to be:

  • Trustworthy, trusted, and honest, with a strong sense of integrity and fairness
  • Emotionally mature and resilient, able to acknowledge mistakes and gracefully navigate differences
  • Dynamic and personable, with a well-developed sense of humor
  • Humble (both personally and culturally) open minded, and adaptable
  • Thoughtful and tactful, with excellent listening skills
  • A systems person, committed to and supportive of anti-racism and the work of countering white supremacy within our systems.
  • A collaborative team player and team builder who shares leadership well
  • Non anxious, self-differentiated and comfortable navigating conflict
  • Willing and eager to learn
  • Bold and comfortable with others being bold

To apply for this volunteer position, please access this application on the UUA’s secure server.

You will be asked to upload a cover letter and resume, list three references, provide some information about yourself, and answer the following questions: How do you understand the role of the Moderator, the role of the UUA President, and the relationship between them?  (250 word limit) How would you act within the role of the Moderator to counter oppression? (250 word limit) Tell us about your spiritual life and sources of resilience: (250 word limit)

Applications are due by OCTOBER 30TH!

We will begin interviewing possible Nominees after the application deadline, and will ask the following interview questions:

  1. Describe your leadership style
  2. Describe your approach to moderating and managing meetings and discussions (included video and tele-conferences or mixed meetings with live attendees and remote attendees):
  3. What are your feelings and experience with Policy Governance?
  4. What is  your understanding of the role of the UUA Board of Trustees when it comes to UUA finances and fundraising?
  5. What are your feelings and experience with Robert’s Rules of Order?
  6. How would you navigate Robert’s Rules of Order to lift up the voices of those who have historically been marginalized or excluded?  
  7. Tell us about a time you made a mistake and how you dealt with that:
  8. Tell us about a time when you or your Board were caught up in a conflict. How did you navigate through that conflict and what lessons did you learn?
  9. We, Unitarian Universalists, are challenged by our white supremacy culture. What is the role of the Moderator in confronting racism and oppression? How would you do this work if you were Moderator? What anti-racism, anti-oppressive work have you already done?
  10. The Board has been exploring leadership models that include Co-Moderators. Do you have experience with shared leadership models? Are you willing to share the Moderator role with other(s)? What would you do to make that successful?
  11. The Moderator of the UUA is a demanding job. Previous Moderators have spent arduous amounts of time traveling and visiting congregations throughout the association. If you were Moderator, how would you keep a reasonable work-life balance while fulfilling the responsibilities of the position?
  12. Other questions individual to candidate

The Moderator Nominating Committee will send the results of our selection process to the Board of Trustees before December 1st, 2017.  

For more information contact modnomcom19 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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