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Committee on Military Ministry

The Committee on Military Ministry provides support and information to those interested in becoming Unitarian Universalist military chaplains.

Process for Approval, Endorsement and Support

The Committee on Military Ministry (CMM) is composed of:

  • The Rev. Dr. Lisa Presley, Chair
    South Lyon MI
    presleylisa [at] earthlink [dot] net (presleylisa @
  • The Rev. Bret J. Lortie
    San Antonio TX
    minister [at] uusat [dot] org (minister @
  • The Rev. Justin Osterman
    Wayne, PA
    jussamost [at] verizon [dot] net (jussamost @
  • Dr. Vincent W. Patton
    Alexandria VA
    vwpattoon [at] msn [dot] com (vwpattoon @
  • The Rev. Karen M. Rasmussen
    Annandale VA
    karenmrasmussen [at] aol [dot] com (karenmrasmussen @
  • The Rev. Sarah Lammert, Ex Officio
    Director, Ministries and Faith Development Staff Group
    Unitarian Universalist Association
    25 Beacon Street Boston MA 02018
    (617) 948-6407
    mfddirector [at] uua [dot] org (mfddirector @

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