Deconstructing Generational Bias
Working Effectively Across Generations Towards an Anti-Oppressive Anti-Racist Multicultural Faith - Part 1

Follow along with this four-part conversation between Commission on Institutional Change Commissioner Mary Byron and Former Commissioner Caitlin Breedlove, as they discuss the subject of intergenerational movement ministry. Following each clip reflect of the questions presented by the Commission to deepen spiritually and connect in the work towards an Anti-Oppressive, Anti-Racist, Multicultural Faith.

Disrupting Generational Assumptions in Movement Ministry

Disrupting Generational Assumptions in Movement Ministry

Spiritual Deepening

The Commission on Institutional Change calls us into intergenerational engagement. Take some time for personal reflection. What assumptions do you find pop up for you when you think about different generations and their engagement in movement work? How do you disrupt those assumptions when they come up? 

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