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Progress is Possible: A Status Update from the UUA to the Commission on Institutional Change (COIC)

As we have closed out 2018 and look to the possibilities of this new year, we offer this memo from the UUA to show that progress is possible on this long road to building a more equitable and diverse Unitarian Universalism which can respond to the diversity of those who would add their gifts to our faith. We honor those who lead on our behalf in the UUA and we continue to hold those who enter this year harmed by the historical patterns of neglect.  We start the new year well rested and renewed in our resolve, as we enter back into the struggle in 2019. 

Deeping Spiritually

The Commission on Institutional Change calls us in to tracking our progress. 

Ask for time with the governing body of your congregation or community and ask them about their goals around inclusion and multiculturalism. Do they have goals and if so, how do they track progress? If not, why are such goals not included and explicit?

Institutional Change Congregation Resources

The Commission curated these resources for congregations, fellowships, covenant circles, and others to engage in this work of institutional change.

Institutional Change Congregation Resources