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Search the Archives of the Institutional Change Blog
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  • Working Effectively Across Generations Towards an Anti-Oppressive Anti-Racist Multicultural Faith - Part 1

    Follow along with this four-part conversation between Commissioner Mary Byron and Former Commissioner Caitlin Breedlove of the Commission on Institutional Change, on the subject of intergenerational movement ministry. Following each clip reflect of the questions presented by the...
  • Nominating Committees as Agents of Institutional Change

    In the effort to bring about the Beloved Community, we often err on the side of the individual as the primary agent of change over and against systemic change. Motivated by the belief that if we, as individuals, are not racist, sexist, ableist, and are willing to recognize the...
  • How Do We Respond to Systemic Oppression

    The Commission on Institutional Change affirms, prioritizes, and wish to amplify the analysis of the specifics dynamics to those leaders and community members most directly impacted by these dynamics as that is a principle of accountability which we honor, the violation of which...
  • We Lack a Common Vocabulary and Understanding about Race and Oppression Among Us

    The Commission on Institutional Change urges us to create a common vocabulary that will provide us with a dynamic language through which we communicate our deepest hopes for the future of our faith.
    By Commission on Institutional Change | 3/1/2019

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