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Rule IV General Assembly

Section 4.6. Notice of Meetings.
Rule 4.6.1. Mailing of Notice.
Rule 4.6.2. Time of Notice.
Rule 4.6.3. Content of Notice.

Section C-4.7. Voting.
Rule G-4.7.1. Recording the Vote on Resolutions.

Section C-4.9. Accreditation of Delegates.
Rule G-4.9.1. Number of Delegates.
Rule 4.9.1A. Merged, Consolidated, or Dissolved Congregations.
Rule 4.9.2. Settled Ministers.
Rule G-4.9.3. Mailing of Credential Cards.
Rule 4.9.4. Issuance of Duplicate Credential Card.
Rule 4.9.5. Alternate Delegates.
Rule G-4.9.6. Delegate Status.
Rule 4.9.7. Issuance of Alternate Credentials.
Rule G-4.9.8. Payment of Registration Fee.
Rule 4.9.9. Amount of Fees.

Section 4.12. UUA Statements of Conscience and Study/Action Issues for Social Justice.
Rule G-4.12.1. Report of Comments on UUA Statements of Conscience.
Rule G-4.12.2. Study/Action Issues for Social Justice.
Rule G-4.12.3 Report on Implementation of UUA Statements of Conscience.
Rule 4.12.4 Mini-Assembly on UUA Statement of Conscience.

Section 4.16. Additions to the Agenda of Regular General Assemblies.
Rule G-4.16.1. General Assembly Actions of Immediate Witness, and Responsive Resolutions.

Section 4.18. Agenda Rules.
Rule G-4.18.1. Notice to Member Congregations and Districts.
Rule G-4.18.2. Business Resolutions and Study/Action Issues for Social Justice.
Rule G-4.18.3. Congregational Poll.
Rule 4.18.4. Matters Submitted by Districts.

Section 4.19. Rules of Procedure.
Rule G-4.19.1. Adoption of Rules of Procedure.

*Rules whose Section number is preceded by a "G" are those adopted by a General Assembly and may be amended or repealed only by a General Assembly, as provided in Section 14.1 of the Bylaws.

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