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Article X Finance and Contracts

*Section 10.1. Annual Budget.
Section 10.2. Duties of Finance Committee.
Section 10.3. Duties of Financial Advisor.
Section 10.4 Duties of Treasurer and Assistant Treasurers.
Section C-10.5. Raising of Funds.
Section C-10.6. Funds Held for Others.
Section C-10.7. Responsibility for Investments.
*Section 10.8. Contracts and Securities.
Section C-10.9. Pension System.
Section 10.10. Fiscal Year.
Section C-10.11. Corporate Seal.
Section 10.12. Indemnification of Trustees, Officers, Employees, and Volunteers.
Section 10.13. Duties of the Audit Committee.

*If a Section is preceded by an asterisk, there are also one or more rules with the same Section numbers.

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