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Article VIII Officers of the Association

*Section 8.1. Officers Enumerated.
Section C-8.2. Control by Board of Trustees.
Section 8.3. Term of Office.
Section 8.4. Qualification of Officers.
Section 8.5. Removal of Officers.
Section 8.6. Resignation.
Section 8.7. Vacancies.
Section 8.8. Moderator.
Section 8.9. President.
Section 8.10. Financial Advisor.
*Section 8.11. Executive Vice President.
Section 8.12. Vice Moderators.
Section 8.13. Vice Presidents.
Section 8.14. Secretary.
Section 8.15. Treasurer.
Section 8.16. Recording Secretary.
Section 8.17. Other Appointed Officers.
Section 8.18. Compensation.
Section 8.19. Reports by Officers.

*If a Section is preceded by an asterisk, there are also one or more rules with the same Section numbers.

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