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The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees meeting during January 2013 in Philadelphia, PA.

The following documents are PDF files.

Complete Packet (88 pages)

  1. Agendas (Consent Agenda, Motions for Action)

    1. Meeting Agenda (3 pages)
    2. Consent Agenda

    3. Motions

  2. Working Groups

    1. Communications (TBD)
    2. Governance Working Group Agenda (TBD)
    3. Linkage Working Group

  3. Committees (including liaison reports)

    1. Committee on Committees Agenda (TBD)
    2. Fifth Principle Task Force Reports

    3. Finance Committee Agenda (TBD)

    4. Ministerial Fellowship Committee Report (2 pages)
    5. Right Relationship Team (TBD)
  4. Reports

    1. Reports from UUA President, Peter Morales

      1. UUA President's Report to the Board (4 pages): significant recent developments in professional ministry
  5. Governance

    1. Redraft Policy Manual: Section 2 (6 pages)
    2. Draft Revised End Statements (5 pages)
    3. Global Ends Monitoring Report (26 pages)


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