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Emerging Congregations Working Group


The Emerging Congregations Working Group is charged to bring to the Board before the January 2015 meeting a pilot program to formally recognize congregations and communities (collectively "Recognized Communities") previously identified by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) as "Emerging Congregations."

The goals of the pilot program are:

  1. To provide formal recognition from the UUA.
  2. To further the End of growing our Faith.
  3. To foster relationship between the larger Unitarian Universalism movement and the Recognized Communities; and
  4. To foster healthy stewardship in the Recognized Communities, not only for their own organization, but to the UUA.

The Working Group will require each Recognized Community to complete an application that, in addition to providing identification information, confirms how they are embodied as Unitarian Universalist, including support for the UUA's Purposes and Principles.  The application should also specify the nature of their relationship with other Unitarian Universalist congregations or communities.

Each Recognized Community will be required to meet with a Stewardship officer of the UUA and make a pledge to the UUA appropriate to their size and means, but in no event less than $100.

The Working Group will present as many Recognized Community applications as it deems are appropriate.

The Working Group should suggest a designation for the Recognized Communities other than "Emerging" or "Covenanted" Communities.

For clarity, Recognized Communities will not be Members of the UUA and will not possess voting privileges.