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Annual Program Fund Task Force
Annual Program Fund Task Force
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The Annual Program Fund (APF) Task Force is charged to bring to the UUA Board of Trustees a recommendation on how and when to roll out a Congregational giving approach that will best sustain the Association into the future, with the core question being whether and how to replace the existing “per-member” formula with a formula based on ability to pay (percentage of budget). This work will be done in collaboration with the UUA president, who retains authority within our governance system for making the final determination but who joins with the board in recognizing that such a significant change in practice is a substantial fiduciary and relational issue requiring mutual agreement and support.

Communication and Consultation

The Task Force is expected to design and implement a process of consultation that informs and involves Unitarian Universalist (UU) leaders as much as possible. In preparing its recommendations, the Task Force will consult widely with as many key stakeholders as possible.


The Task Force has devised a schedule of conversation, analysis, and reflection that will result in a recommendation to the October 2016 meeting of the Board of Trustees (at the latest). The conversations with affected stakeholders will occur prior to the 2016 General Assembly as well as during the General Assembly. The Task Force will make a general session presentation and conduct a workshop at the 2016 General Assembly.

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