Jim Key
Board of Trustees Remembers Jim Key
Board of Trustees Remembers Jim Key
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We Remember

Our beloved friend and colleague, Jim Key, died on the morning of June 2, 2017. We knew he was very ill, but his death took our breath away. How could one so full of life, so utterly engaged, so profoundly devoted to our faith be taken from us? Jim was indefatigable. He brought more energy and passion to the work of the Board than the rest of us combined.

How shall we honor him? No cold stone monument alone will do. We will gather to praise and remember him. We will raise funds in his name in support of our Association and its purposes. We will stay in close and loving touch with Jim’s wife, Liz. And most importantly, we will cultivate in our lives and in the life of our Association the values and the vision he held dear.

Jim was a bold leader who knew how and when to take a calculated risk. His boldness will continue to kindle our courage as we move forward together. Jim lived a life of detailed compassion; his politics were personal. His compassionate commitments will continue to set a standard towards which to strive. Jim had the strength and yes the faith to stay at the table when rage and resentment threatened to drive us apart. In his memory and in his honor, we too pledge to bring our best selves forward in service. We too pledge to stay at the table even and especially when it’s hard and there is no clear end in sight.

Twenty years ago, when Jim unexpectedly survived lung cancer, he turned to Unitarian Universalism not only as a place of refuge and healing but also as a means by which he could express his gratitude for having his life handed back to him. In the wake of Jim’s death we who served at his side these past four years re-consecrate ourselves to helping to build and to be a religious community worthy of the choice he made.

In grief and gratitude,
Your UUA Board of Trustees

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