UUA Board Statement in Support of the Candidates Put Forth by the UUA Nominating Committee

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees supports and affirms the work of the UUA Nominating Committee. We appreciate the time and effort that goes into their vetting and selection of nominees for the many positions that they work to fill. We are also deeply grateful to those who have, year after year, volunteered to be considered for nomination by the Committee.

The Nominating Committee is independent of the Board. The Board does not select the members of the Nominating Committee; those members are elected by the General Assembly.

The Board does have high-level discussions with the Nominating Committee so that they understand the Board’s goals and what skills and capacities are needed.

It is vital for delegates to understand the role of the UUA Board as they are prepare to vote in Trustee elections. Some people believe that the Board serves to represent different groups of Unitarian Universalists at the Board level. This is simply wrong.

Years ago—well before anyone currently on the Board was serving—the General Assembly changed the bylaws to reduce the size and change the character of the Board. All trustee positions were made at-large, with no trustee tasked with representing any subgroup of Unitarian Universalists. All trustees are expected to work together and share in representing the will of the General Assembly, and acting as fiduciaries of the Association, including its mission, vision[sic] and values. The Nominating Committee’s slate of candidates for trustee positions was selected from among the people who applied. They vetted candidates looking for the skills and experience needed for the Board, including the Board’s commitment to implement the recommendations of the Commission on Institutional Change and further our aspirations of living into the anti-racist, anti-oppressive, liberating values of Unitarian Universalism.

We therefore urge the delegates of the 2021 General Assembly to vote for all three candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee. Specifically, we endorse the nomination of the Rev. Sam Trumbore, who will bring both his extensive experience of Unitarian Universalism and a set of skills that the Board will benefit from.