Board Sends Blessings to the Key Family and Announces Interim Leadership Plans
Board Sends Blessings to the Key Family and Announces Interim Leadership Plans
UUA Governance & Management, UUA Board of Trustees

We are grieving deeply at the sudden resignation of our beloved leader, Jim Key. He has served our Association with commitment, passion, and vision. Our thoughts are with Jim and Liz as we embrace them in the arms of our Beloved Community.

In just weeks, we will gather at the General Assembly in New Orleans, where a new UUA President will be elected. We now will also have to respond to the needs of a transition in the Moderator position. Our by-laws require the Board to fill this vacancy for the period until a special election can be held (GA 2018). Vice Moderator Denise Rimes has assumed the duties of Moderator until the Board makes the appointment. She will lead the Board in its preparations for the General Assembly and the review of the process required in this new leadership transition. The next scheduled meeting of the Board is on Thursday, May 25.

The past few months have been a time of unexpected change in our Association. Despite the pain and concern, we have had opportunities to grow and to care for each other in ways we might not have imagined. As Jim faces his illness with hope and fortitude, we lift him up in prayer, along with his partner Liz and their children and grandchildren. You may send your well wishes to them via Caring Bridge. May we also be thankful for each other and for the resilience of this saving faith.

The Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Association

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