Joint Statement from the UUA Moderator and UUA President Regarding Starr King School for the Ministry
UUA Governance & Management, UUA Board of Trustees

Over the past several months, the ongoing conflict at Starr King School for the Ministry has received national attention in print and social media. We have watched with growing sadness the progression of charges and counter-charges, a situation that harms both a great Unitarian Universalist institution and our entire Unitarian Universalist movement.

Neither the UUA Board of Trustees nor the Administration has any authority over the school. SKSM is an independent institution with its own governance structure and funding sources.  SKSM is not directly responsible to the UUA nor dependent on the UUA for funding, although it does receive grants from the Panel on Theological Education.

But we are profoundly dismayed by the heated rhetoric and broken relationships that this situation has produced. And as other UU organizations are pulled into the conflict, we see the ill will spreading. This situation does not reflect who we aspire to be as religious people.

It is our hope that everyone involved in this unfortunate situation will answer the call to be their best selves, to look with love and respect on those with whom they disagree, and together find a just and equitable resolution to this conflict.

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