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  • By George A Tyger
    Easy answers lead to difficult questions. So why not just start with the questions?
  • By Peter Morales
    Unitarian Universalists share a profound sense of what we cherish and what we want to become.
  • By Jeanne Nieuwejaar
    We need to embrace the challenge of using religious language with comfort and integrity.
    Image credit: © Robert Neubecker
  • By Doug Muder
    We need a secular Easter mythology.
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  • By Gary Kowalski
    Grief and celebration are interwoven in this world, like winter and spring.
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  • By Patricia Montley
    What would the prayer of a humanist sound like?
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  • By Doug Muder
    Unitarian Universalism cannot thrive if we don’t at least understand the appeal of religions that give people identity and direction.
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  • By Fredric Muir
    To build Beloved Community, Unitarian Universalism needs a new narrative.
    Image credit: Rafael Lopez
  • By James Ishmael Ford
    What is our healing message? To what are we being beckoned when we gather?
  • By Meg Barnhouse
    When I meet a Jesus, I like to keep an open mind.
  • By Meg Barnhouse
    A soul story is a dream from the depths of a culture.
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  • By Jory Agate
    It would be easier to use a blanket, but we ask more of people who enter our churches: We ask them to be quilters.
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  • By Thandeka
    Despite his childhood exposure to Unitarian Universalism, Barack Obama found his religious home elsewhere, just as too many of our young people do.
    Image credit: ©2012 Joseph Adolphe
  • By Ana Levy-Lyons
    UUs should experience tension between our religious values and those of the secular world.
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  • By Doug Muder
    Reason needs the energy of passion in order to inspire others.
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  • By Myriam Renaud
    Many UUs reject the separation of the spiritual and the material.
    Image credit: © Daniel Nevins
  • By Kendyl R Gibbons
    Reverence is an organic human experience that requires no supernatural explanations.
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  • By Paul Rasor
    Liberal religion can nurture the weakened democratic spirit and push back against the forces of empire.
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  • By Meg Riley
    Top 10 reasons you may not feel comfortable in a Unitarian Universalist congregation.
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  • By Doug Muder
    Unitarian Universalists are precisely the people who can't believe whatever they want.
  • By Tom Owen-Towle
    We cannot hear unless there is silence.
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  • By Meg Barnhouse
    I’m chagrined to learn that our Christmas pageants have the birth in the stable all wrong.
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  • By Marilyn Sewell
    Unitarian Universalism is a religious movement that no longer takes religion seriously.
  • By Rosemary Bray McNatt
    Unitarian Universalists must boldly participate in the religious marketplace of ideas.
  • By Doug Muder
    I remember exactly when I first became afraid of death in a more-than-childish way.
    Image credit: © Darren Mower/iStockphoto
  • By Thom Belote
    Popular evangelical Rob Bell makes the case for universal salvation.
  • By Jane Ranney Rzepka
    Rule breaking just might be right up our alley.
  • By Myriam Renaud
    Unitarian Universalist ideas about what saves us.
  • By Michelle Bates Deakin
    Unitarian Universalist minister lends religious perspective to questions of fan behavior.
  • By Angela Herrera
    Despite religious liberals' uneasiness with the word, we have something important to say about evil.
  • By Doug Muder
    Spirituality is an awareness of the gap between what you can experience and what you can describe.
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  • By Dan Cryer
    A fickle religious marketplace offers promise and peril for Unitarian Universalists.
  • By David E. Bumbaugh
    We neglected the Universalist challenge of restating our core convictions in contemporary terms.
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  • By Denise T. Davidoff
    We are discovering Universalism's theological bounty.
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  • By Myriam Renaud
    You're definitely in good company when it comes to God-turning and God-thinking.
  • By Chance Hunter
    Grace and the sugary sweet are so much at odds that in order to be a friend of one you have to be an enemy of the other.
  • By Doug Muder
    Optimism often lies, but hope never fails.
  • By Kimberly French
    Only when we strip away magical thinking can we see the sacred in everything.
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  • By Doug Muder
    If someone on an elevator asked you what Unitarian Universalism is, could you answer before one of you reached your destination?
  • By James Ishmael Ford
    Certainty is the most dangerous demon of all.
  • By Jeffrey A. Lockwood
    If our beliefs have meaning, we must act as if our souls depend on it.
  • By Dan Harper
    A clear-eyed understanding of our religious differences may be the best hope for promoting cooperation among different religions.
  • By Dean Grodzins
    2010 is the bicentennial of the most influential Unitarian minister who ever lived.
  • By Keith Ellison
    There's enough for you. There's enough for me. We don't have to throw anybody under the bus.
  • By John A. Buehrens
    How the hospitality of progressive churches cultivates forgiveness and justice.
  • By Meg Barnhouse
    Sometimes the place where you used to find wisdom gets destroyed.
  • By Doug Muder
    Where should we assign the burden of proof for ideas about the afterlife?
  • By Colin Bossen
    Suffering is not redemptive; we must take human responsibility for eradicating it.
  • By Rebecca Parker
    There is no land promised to any of us other than the land already given, the world already here.
  • By Doug Muder
    I haven't played chess in decades, yet somehow I've ended up with a chess player's worldview.