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UU World

  • By Christopher L. Walton
    Bronze monument commemorates three civil rights martyrs killed in Alabama in 1965.
    Image credit: © Christopher L. Walton
  • By Warren R. Ross
    Twenty-five years after Bob West navigated the denomination through the painful and divisive 1970s, he is regarded by many as the ‘unsung hero of the UUA.’
  • By Susan Jhirad
    Although his true villains are never redeemed, Dickens' novels demonstrate that good wins in the end.
    Image credit: Arthur Rackham/Free Library of Philadelphia/Bridgeman Images
  • By Christopher L. Walton
    What changed for me after Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson.
  • By Christopher L. Walton, Elaine McArdle
    More than 500 Unitarian Universalists join 50th anniversary march in Selma, Alabama.
    Image credit: © Christopher L. Walton
  • By Mark Morrison-Reed
    In the past, our religious forebears had stood on the brink of making a difference in racial justice, and had wavered. Not this time.
    Image credit: © 1965 AP Photo
  • By Kris Willcox
    How a man whose passions were religious freedom and the abolition of slavery came to be known as the father of American Christmas trees.
    Image credit: © American Antiquarian Society.
  • By Mark Morrison-Reed
    Four decades have passed since controversy over ‘black empowerment’ nearly tore the Unitarian Universalist Association apart. Even now, UUs remain unreconciled over what was for many a life-defining fight.
    Image credit: Steven H. Hansen, UUA Now/UUA Archives, Andover-Harvard Theological Library
  • By Kimberly French
    Reclaiming the legacy of Margaret Fuller, the forgotten intellectual at the heart of the Transcendentalist movement and the first American theorist of women’s equality.
  • By Kimberly French
    The 1977 Women and Religion resolution transformed the Unitarian Universalist Association.
  • By Warren R. Ross
    How the UUA’s Principles and Purposes were shaped and how they’ve shaped Unitarian Universalism.
  • By Michael Timko
    Charles Dickens’s novels reflect the central ideas of nineteenth-century Unitarianism.
  • By Neil Miller
    Same-sex marriage comes to Massachusetts as deeper and broader trends make the rest of the country more tolerant, too.
    Image credit: © Marilyn Humphries
  • By Ken Sawyer
    Edmund Hamilton Sears’s beloved carol longs for peace.