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Central East Regional Group

  • By David Pyle
    Whether it is as a Religious Educator, a Building and Grounds Manager, a Membership Director, an Administrator, a Child Care Coordinator,...

General Assembly Presentations

InterConnections: Articles for UU Leaders


  • By Stefan Jonasson
    Establishing good communication practices and healthy boundaries are essential to attracting and keeping good staff. This article gives an overview of good practices, with special tips for congregations of various sizes.
  • By Jan Gartner
    Is your congregation an employer? In other words do you pay folks to do work? Be it a minister, religious educator, custodian, musician, administrator or some other position? Are any of those folx participants in any of the UUA plans? Retirement, health insurance, etc?
  • By Jan Gartner
    What to do when an employee's salary changes to ensure proper benefits administration
  • By David Pyle
    When a congregation is in search for a new professional staff member to fill a key and important role in the congregation, whether it is...
  • By David Pyle
    One of the keys to a healthy congregational staff team is that they understand themselves as a team. Congregational staff members often...
  • By David Pyle
    One of the most common sources of tension in a congregation where conflict occurs that involves governing boards is the relationship...
  • By Jan Gartner, UUA Ministries and Faith Development: Office of Church Staff Finances
    You’ve probably heard that there are special tax rules for ministers. Most church leaders don’t need to be experts on ministerial...
  • By UUA Congregational Life Staff Group
    Balancing transparency and confidentiality can be challenging for congregational board members, staff, and other leaders who have access to...
  • By Richard Nugent, UUA Ministries and Faith Development: Office of Church Staff Finances
    Congregations are legal entities required to comply with all sorts of legal requirements. While religious institutions might be exempt from...

A Comprehensive Guide for Adding a Second Worship Service

Congregational Board Member Training

  • By Jan Gartner, UUA Ministries and Faith Development: Office of Church Staff Finances, UUA Congregational Life Staff Group
    a. Our Values, Our Staff b. Compensation Guidelines c. The Unique Finances of Your Minister d. Personnel Policies and Best Practices

MidAmerica Events

MidAmerica Region

  • Get your new employees off to a healthy, happy start every time! Learn about formal administrative onboarding (the legal hoops) and proven practices for welcoming and orienting staff.