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  • Graphic Packs Here you'll find links to download current and previous graphics shared with the Outreach Revolution Network. If you're not...
  • Reach out to your community and spread UU values with these tips, tools, and resources for outreach and marketing.

Central East Regional Group

  • Each one of our congregations have a ministry context – the neighborhood and community where our church is located. If we knew more about our neighbors, we could be intentional about offering programming that meets the real needs of the community.
  • By Hope Johnson
    UUCCN, the UU Congregation of Central Nassau,Garden City NY initiated the Pumpkin Patch—outreach to our local community, the larger Long Island community, and the Navajo community in New Mexico
  • By Megan Foley
    It’s not your parents’ church anymore, that’s for sure. You may have heard that Unitarian Universalist religious expression will take...
  • By Joan Van Becelaere
    The First Universalist Church (UU) of Lyons, OH is experiencing a revival in northwest Ohio. This small village (pop. 562) is just west of Greater Toledo, and the suburbs are steadily stretching out closer and closer to Lyons. The congregation’s new “G.O.D.” (Growth, Outreach, and Deeds)...
  • Have you seen the new UUA video: We Are Unitarian Universalists?...
  • By Hope Johnson
    As I left the Nassau Boulevard Station of the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) on the first Sunday of October, I was in a hurry to meet my dear friend Matt Meyer, Master UU Drummer who was leading the service. I stood at the traffic light at the corner of Nassau & Stewart waiting for the light to...
  • Several of our regional congregations have taken the plunge and tried out the new website template created by the UUA for UU congregations. We talked with two webmasters who have made the switch about their experiences and here is what they had to say....


Pacific Western Region

  • By Pacific Western Region of the UUA
    Image files that congregations can use on Facebook, Twitter, postcards, posters, websites, and more.
  • By Pacific Western Region of the UUA
    Resources for Unitarian Universalist congregations to make connections with new people online and in-person.

UU World

  • By David H. Messner
    How a congregation’s community radio station makes church participatory, provocative, and fun.
    Image credit: illustration of a man holding up a cut-paper series of repeating radio towers with round signals beaming from their tops.