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General Assembly

General Assembly Presentations

  • Workshop Slide. Stewardship teams are encouraged to come explore the spirituality of stewardship, trust as the foundation of a generous culture, and how we can empower the alignment of our resources and our highest values.
  • Workshop video. This workshop seeks to reflect on the liberatory potential of Unitarian Universalist theologies.
  • Slides. Equipping families (of a broad definition) to be primary religious community. Activities that development UU identity. Spiritual practices and play. Tools to be antidotes to a hurting world.
  • Workshop handout. How might we nurture equity and inclusion as spiritual practice within our UU congregations?
  • By Paula Cole Jones
    Video. Whether we consider faith formation, growth, social justice and/or dismantling white supremacy, Unitarian Universalists could use an identity update.
  • By Susan Katz Miller
    Workshop video. Celebrate the religious kaleidoscope! Come tell the story of your complex, fluid, multiple religious or secular bonds or identity.
  • By Nancy McDonald Ladd
    Workshop video. For generations, liberal pulpits have rung with grand sermons about progress “onward and upward forever,” yet our people struggle to make sense of both their own suffering and enduring injustice all around us.
  • By Anna Bethea, Marchaé Grair
    Workshop video and slides. Storytelling. Digital communications. Strategy. Equity. Let’s talk about the future of Outreach.
  • Workshop video. Side with Love, Interfaith Organizing Initiative Project of Center for Race, Religion and Economic Democracy UUs are called to #sidewithlove and align with frontline partners who center those impacted by injustice.
  • Workshop slides and dialogue. Creating the communities we envision calls us to employ new tools that center the needs and ideas of those who are under-represented.