Marriage Equality

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  • By Heather Christensen
    From UU World

    A weekly guide to stories about Unitarian Universalists from other media sources.


  • By Allison Hess
    From UUA International
    This special anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an alert call to the world, reminding us that these human rights have been affirmed by all countries of the UN, but that listing them is not enough: They must also be fulfilled. We have a lot of work to do.
  • By Elaine McArdle
    From UU World

    In response, Unitarian Universalist leaders in North America express ‘deep concern.’

  • By Michael J. Crumpler
    From Uplift
    When faced with unfair taxation after the death of her same-sex spouse, Edie Windsor stood for the right not to be overtaxed or undertaxed because of who you love and how you love.
  • By Carlos A. Ball
    From Beacon Press
  • By Hanne Blank
    From Beacon Press
  • By Michelle Bates Deakin
    From Skinner House Books
    Also available as an eBook from the Amazon Kindle Store.
  • By Nancy D. Polikoff
    From Beacon Press
    Nancy Polikoff writes a brilliant argument for the true equality of love and marriage and how the law can, and must, value all families.
  • From inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop
    These indoor/outdoor magnets go on your fridge, locker, filing cabinet, and on the back of your car.
  • Debbie Cenziper is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter at The Washington Post and the co-author of Love Wins: The Lovers and...