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  • By Rayla D. Mattson
    From LeaderLab
    UU religious educator Rayla Mattson, a Black mother, reflects on parenting during a pandemic, helping her children process racial trauma, and finding hope in these uncertain times.
  • By Rayla D. Mattson
    From Call and Response
    UU religious educator Rayla Mattson, a Black mother of three, turns her UU faith and full heart toward her children: how to raise them and to be with them in pandemic, trauma around race, and, perhaps, hope.
  • By Janice Marie Johnson
    From LeaderLab
    In April of this year, in Washington DC, my Aunt Mae learns that she has to fight an aggressive cancer that is overtaking her blood system. She is shipped to a low-standard hospital, rather than to the better hospital closer to her home. Her daughters, all essential health care workers reliant on public transport...
  • By Sarah Lammert
    From LeaderLab
    I’ve been talking with some of you who are parenting children and teens with special needs at home during this pandemic. I’m hearing that the standard parenting advice out there doesn’t feel relevant and even feels shaming and harmful.
  • By Jason Seymour
    From LeaderLab
    Stuck at home together, every family member’s behavior affects others some exponential degree more than usual. Families may wish to try making a covenant together.
  • By Linda Barnes
    From WorshipWeb
    We’re staying home. Love has never asked this of us before.
  • From LeaderLab
    What do you and your family need during a time of pandemic? What challenges do you face to hold your family in spiritual, physical, social, and material health? Unitarian Universalist values, practices, and virtual connections can support families in new ways at this time. Explore ideas here.
  • By Cecilia Kingman
    From LeaderLab
    Hey parents who now have kids underfoot, I want to say something that might be shocking. I want to give you permission to NOT DO ANYTHING ACADEMIC with your kids. I want you to know that whatever you need to do to get through this slow moving crisis, it will be enough.
  • Sexual imagery is so prevalent in advertising, on television, and on the Internet that even young children are exposed to it, despite adult efforts to limit access. Whether they deliberately seek it or not, today’s children are likely to encounter Internet pornography before they become...
  • Interactive media define the social worlds of many children and most youth today. Because the youngest generation is always on the forefront of new modes of communication, kids may inhabit a social landscape that is a little (or a lot) unfamiliar to parents and caregivers. In this session,...