Capital Campaigns for Congregations

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  • From Central East Regional Group
    Thinking About Running a Capital Campaign for your Church or Fellowship? Please join us for a 2- part webinar . This is your invitation to...
  • By Alexandra Varney McDonald
    From UU World

    Faced with costly renovations, a suburban congregation and an urban community ministry embarked on an innovative campaign to rejuvenate both of their historic buildings.

  • By Sonja L. Cohen, Rachel Walden
    From UU World

    Plus: Flooding brings fish into meeting house basement; Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, church celebrates building expansion; Madison, Wisconsin, society marks fiftieth anniversary.

  • By UUA Stewardship and Development Staff Group
    As an association of congregations, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) can and should put its combined strengths to work for the benefit of all Unitarian Universalist organizations. That is why, as part of our mission to serve our member congregations and the wider movement, the UUA has...