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Blue Boat: Youth and Young Adult Blog

Guides and Tools

  • By Annie Gonzalez Milliken
    #UUCampusQ's Episode Four Students on campus need your community now, so get the word out! The Reverend Annie Gonzalez Milliken , the Young...
  • By Annie Gonzalez Milliken
    #UUCampusQ's Episode Three What Can I Actually Do? The Reverend Annie Gonzalez Milliken , the Young Adult and Campus Ministry Associate of...
  • By Jennica Davis-Hockett
    Mind = Blown Editorial Comment: Impacting the mental health and development of our teenagers is an incredibly complex topic and this...
  • By Ted Resnikoff
    This is a re-post of a story of the Our Whole Lives curriculum in action from The Christ ian Century . You'll find links at the end of the...
  • By Deborah Neisel-Sanders
    A thought provoking story from the UU Growth Strategy Blog . -Ed. Sexuality Education As a Growth Strategy Posted in Associational ,...

Stories and Voices

  • By Ted Resnikoff
    Learning How to do Anti-Racism Work at Home The following is the first of five reflections on a service trip that members of the Unitarian...
  • By Ted Resnikoff
    The Right to Joy – to Combat Injustice The following is the first of five reflections on a service trip that members of the Unitarian...
  • By Emily Parker
    New Orleans Service Trip by Emily Parker On this small lot in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans , organic vegetables grow in rows. Honey...
  • By Ted Resnikoff
    Youth Leader Featured on UUA GA '12 Blog, "Cooking Together" There is much buzz in Unitarian Universalist circles about Justice GA 2012 in...

Future of Faith

Issues and Trends

General Assembly

Youth and Young Adults of Color

Events and Opportunities

  • By Ted Resnikoff
    You Are Challenged: Make Change Happen Now A message from Lauren Amabile and the Unitarian Universalist Church Council, asking you to...

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Tapestry of Faith: Curricula and Resources for Lifespan Faith Development

Virtue Ethics

Resistance and Transformation

A Chorus of Faiths

Heeding the Call

  • By Robert Fulghum
    We say the young have much to learn, but I find they know and do things unfamiliar to me, so I am pleased to learn from them when I can...

Wonderful Welcome

  • Read or tell the story. Have you ever had to give something away that you really loved? This is a story about a little girl who gave away a...