This list includes every page tagged with "Strength."

  • By Heide Cottam
    From WorshipWeb
    The resurrection of Jesus is one of the most sacred stories in Christianity; from that story emerges a renewal of faith.
  • By Michele Lent Hirsch
    From Beacon Press
    An exploration of women navigating serious health issues at an age where they're expected to be healthy, dating, having careers and children.
  • By Kate Schatz, Miriam Klein Stahl
    A bold and brave collection of stories and art about inspiring and accomplished girls who have made positive impacts on the world
  • By Yuyi Morales
    Yuyi Morales's gorgeous new picture book is about making a home in a new place.
  • By Garth Sundem
    Inspiring true stories of kids from around the world who have overcome obstacles to create success for themselves.
  • By Hannah Roberts Villnave
    From WorshipWeb
    Bring your rainbow socks; Bring the emptiness you feel for our siblings gone too soon.
  • By Katie Gelfand
    From WorshipWeb
    We light our chalice as a symbol of gratitude as we celebrate the abundance of our lives together. In this sanctuary we harvest bushels of...
  • By Rayla D. Mattson
    From Braver/Wiser
    My heart broke the day my son stood in the bathroom crying. He handed me a pair of scissors and told me to just cut it. I told him how beautiful his hair was and how sad I would be to see him cut it.
  • By Jennifer "Jo" VonRue
    From WorshipWeb
    Spirit of Life and love, God of many names and yet none at all Our hearts are stretched thin. We see and hear the devaluing of people of...
  • By Annie Chagnot, Emi Ikkanda, Elizabeth Alexander
    This wide-ranging collection of inspirational poetry and prose offers readers solace, perspective, and the courage to persevere.