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  • By Liz James
    From UU World

    Sometimes the simplest language can be the most effective.

  • By Sarah Ban Breathnach
    Updated and expanded for everyone who loved the original Simple Abundance — and a whole new generation that needs it now more than ever — this guide continues to lead us to more fulfilling, harmonious, and joyful lives
  • By Denise Cawley
    From WorshipWeb
    Love our Earth. Take action to consume less, use less energy and respect water.
  • By Erling Kagge, Becky L. Crook
  • By Alex Haider-Winnett
    From Braver/Wiser
    There's nothing simple about the holidays. Joy can feel empty when it is compulsory. The promise of liberation is hard fought and well earned.
  • By Doug Muder
    From UU World

    The realities of an individual life—and of aging—reveal the limits of unlimited growth and expansion.

  • By Ellen Brenner
    From UU World

    ‘Walden, a game’ brings Thoreau’s simplicity to a tech savvy audience.

  • By Samuel A Trumbore
    From WorshipWeb
    Go forth in simplicity. Find and walk the path that leads to compassion and wisdom, that leads to happiness, peace and ease. Welcome the...
  • By Tom Montgomery Fate
    From Beacon Press
    Fate seeks a more attentive, deliberate way of seeing the world and our place in it, not only in the woods, but also in the context of our...
  • By Elena Westbrook
    From WorshipWeb
    In a world ravaged by violence, by hatred, by conflicts that seem eternal and insoluble, sometimes the only thinbg we can do is be still...