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  • By Amanda Poppei
    From Braver/Wiser
    Sometimes, I know I'm hanging onto a part of my life that I'll eventually need to let go of...but not just yet.
  • By Elizabeth Nguyen
    From WorshipWeb
    What matters more is that we are willing to live our lives in the shape of what is being asked, not hope that what we are asked to do will fit the shape of our lives.
  • By Stephanie Kaza
    From UU World

    Simply by existing, it serves many others. For human beings, the work of the bodhisattva is a path of kindness, the choice to serve others as a way of life.

  • By Cheryl Strayed
    From WorshipWeb
    Every mother has a different story, though we tend to group them together. We like to think that partnered moms have it good and single moms have it rough, but the truth is that we're a diverse bunch. Some single mothers have lots of child-free time because their kids are regularly in the custody of...
  • By Andrée Mol
    From WorshipWeb
    When I venture out to bring you to shelter, that is where love begins.
  • By Erika A. Hewitt
    From WorshipWeb
    Jesus was a teacher, long ago, of love and compassion. When Jesus spoke to his followers, it was often about how to share more, love more,...
  • By Susan Maginn
    From WorshipWeb
    He's not where he is supposed to be. He should be practicing sprints in the desert sun with all the other aspiring Marines, but instead he...
  • By Audette Fulbright Fulson
    From WorshipWeb
    Today, we bow our heads in recognition of the great service and sacrifice some have been asked to make. ...
  • By Cynthia Landrum
    From WorshipWeb
    In honor of those who have served, And those who continue to serve, At home and abroad, for peace and in war, We light our chalice, And we offer our thanks.
  • By Jane E Mauldin
    From WorshipWeb
    My wakeful nights are fewer now that my children are growing older. A recent event reminded me of what I am missing. After a tremendously...