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Reproductive Justice

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  • By Brian Doyle
    Sisters, I stand before you without homily or lecture or opinion. I stand here naked on the page. I stand here with my hands extended in helpless prayer. I will never know your pain. I will never know your agony of spirit. I will never know the dark nights of your souls. I will never know the...
  • By Laura Horton-Ludwig
    Take a moment to breathe into the silence. Our breath is always with us. We can always come back to the breath, our anchor, our grounding,...
  • By Daniel Chesney Kanter
    God of many names and mystery beyond all our naming, Our time together today is a precious gift. We gather in the name of justice in love...
  • By Lisa Sargent
    After I graduated from college, I worked for Planned Parenthood for several years. Most days, I walked through protestors to get to work. They usually carried crosses and said things like, "Jesus will forgive you if you repent for your work." It turned out that the most revolutionary thing I did...
  • By Krista Taves
    It is 2 a.m. I am sleeping in the chaplain’s on-call room at an inner city hospital. My room hovers over the Emergency Entrance and the...
  • By Cynthia Frado
    I want to tell you right up-front that I am unabashedly pro-life. I am also unashamedly pro-abortion. What I am not is unequivocally...