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Braver/Wiser: A Weekly Message of Courage and Compassion

  • By Yuri Yamamoto
    As a hospital chaplain, I often listen to painful stories. We call it compassionate presence, but I may be crying inside. When words fail, I pray and sing.
  • By Robin Tanner
    Advent is about expectation—radical expectations that undo the status quo—and anticipation: a skillful search for the places where liberation rises from the ashes.
  • By Elea Kemler
    I wanted so much to believe that God was watching over this boy, that God was tender and protective and fiercely on the side of life and that this boy would not slip away.
  • By Lisa Bovee-Kemper
    Someone whispered to me, “Can you pray?” All eyes turned to me. I had no earthly clue what to say. It was a profound gut-level panic. It was the moment I learned to speak the truth as best I understand it, and to hold space for it to bloom.
  • By Jake Morrill
    For twelve years, Daisy has been the best dog any person could love. But last week, when she disappeared into the woods? That wasn’t what I...

Tapestry of Faith: Curricula and Resources for Lifespan Faith Development

A Chorus of Faiths, High School Youth

  • The Tenderloin district of San Francisco can be intimidating because of its high concentration of homeless people, poverty, prostitution,...

Building Bridges, Grades 8-9

Families, Jr. High School

Hindsight, Humor, and Hope

Miracles, Wide Age Span

Sing to the Power, Grades 4-5

Spirit in Practice

  • Once the great Sufi holy man and wise fool Nasreddin Hodja was walking down the street when a group of women came running up to him...

Spirit of Life

  • By Susan Manker-Seale
    This story is an excerpt from the essay "Balance" by Unitarian Universalist minister Susan Manker-Seale, included in the book Everyday...

Windows and Mirrors, Grades 4-5

Wonderful Welcome

World of Wonder, Grades K-1

WorshipWeb: Searchable Worship Collection

  • By Carter Smith
    May we bear witness to the call to gather and celebrate new life.
  • By Megan Devine
    "Grief no more needs a solution than love needs a solution. We cannot 'triumph' over death, or loss, or grief. They are immovable elements of being alive. If we continue to come at them as though they are problems to be solved, we'll never get solace or comfort in our deepest pain."
  • By Amy Kindred
    Of all the gifts in all the world, for food we are grateful.
  • By Kelly Murphy Mason
    All our souls speak to us, if we trust ourselves to hear them. What do they tell us this day, in this very season?
  • By Nathan Ryan
    Be it real or metaphor, whatever is in your backpack, or your briefcase, or your purse that you’ve brought into this sanctuary that is...
  • By Frederick Buechner
    Whenever you find tears in your eyes, especially unexpected tears, it is well to pay the closest attention. They are not only telling you...
  • By Justin S Osterman
    O God, It’s hard to know what to say, hard to know what to pray sometimes when fear, sadness, anger, and confusion come over me. This world...
  • By Kyle Johnson
    Mystery of the Universe – Ground of our very Being, Truly it is said that you make the sun rise, and the life giving rains fall, on both...
  • By Lois Van Leer
    today is a story day of a man who was loved dying washed with herbs wrapped in scented cloths laid to rest in a cave tomb a rock marking...
  • By Samantha Gupta
    I give thanks for all it takes to be a healing presence, and also how simple it is. I confess that I want to be seen as (especially) good (...
  • By Shari Woodbury
    I invite you to enter a period of quiet for a guided meditation. You may wish to adjust your position so that your spine is straight, your...
  • By Linda Barnes
    Suspended between all that was and all that might be, we struggle to find this very moment—to live this very moment. Let us sit together...
  • By Eliot Brian Chenowith
    How many more Sundays will the preacher in black robes and the solemn shuffle of papers Read the names of those whose light was...
  • By Elaine Kiziah
    May my wisest self guide me through this day. May she remind me to look through eyes of wonder and see the abundant beauty of Here and Now...
  • By Robin Bartlett
    I was talking to someone recently about the story of her church-going life, and she told me about a time in her life that she stopped...
  • By Debra Burrell
    Fire consumes, and casts a bright light. May our chalice flame consume our regrets for the past, our fears about the future, and our...
  • By Erika A. Hewitt
    We carry bags with us throughout the week for many reasons. Would any of you like to take our congregation's love with you to school, or to work, or on your travels? You name it and we'll take it from our heart supply and toss it in your bag!
  • By Kris Cervantes
    Rest now, Rest in the peace of this moment. Be at ease. Look up at the stars, and down at the grass: Imagine the stars looking back at you...
  • By Martha Kirby Capo
    Blessed Lady, Hallowed Lord, Let me hear your Holy Word. When the Veil is thinned tonight, Let me see with Sacred Sight.
  • By Laura Evonne Steinman
    Let us listen deeply to what is on our hearts, Let us listen to what our fears are; Let us listen to the young children, Let us listen to...
  • By Margaret Weis
    Come into this place with your whole self – the parts that are raw and exposed; the part that is beaming with joy; the part that is seeking...
  • By Kevin Tarsa
    May I remember in this tender moment that Love is my guide, always, shepherding me toward ways of openness and compassion. I have what I...
  • By Heather Rion Starr
    May whatever gatherings or activities we engage in this Sunday afternoon help restore us — our connections to one another; our sense of...
  • By Maureen Killoran
    This prayer is for all. For all who are fearful about the economy; about the fate of our country; health care for yourself or your children...
  • By Gretchen Haley
    What's going to happen? Will everything be ok? What can I do? In these days we find ourselves, too often, Stuck with these questions on...
  • By Amy McCreath
    "What we need is here" is a perfect, simple song by Episcopalian priest Rev. Amy McCreath. Its five words are the closing sentence of a...