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  • The Rev. Lindi Ramsden, a Unitarian Universalist minister long at the forefront of work for human rights and environmental justice, wrote...

Blue Boat: Youth and Young Adult Blog

Braver/Wiser: A Weekly Message of Courage and Compassion

  • By Lindasusan Ulrich
    We can’t always predict which choices will wind up having a huge impact on us, whether it's bringing home a stuffed animal or taking a particular train to Oxford Circus.
  • By Teresa Honey Youngblood
    We could see the main path to the swimming hole ahead, but we had to pick our way through sand spurs to get there. Behind us were rattlesnakes. What did the youth do? They started playing.
  • By Christian Schmidt
    Our family prays at mealtime to practice gratitude in our lives. I love that my children are taking it as their own, finding their own meaning.
  • By Amanda Poppei
    It's an impulse of the human self to be known fully, and that’s almost never possible unless we risk the conversations that help us see past our initial impressions.
  • By Amanda Poppei
    In real life, we can only place the pieces, one by one, and see what kind of picture we create. Sometimes we turn out to have chosen the wrong piece. Sometimes the picture is wildly unexpected.
  • By Elea Kemler
    Every year, I tell the congregation not to worry about mistakes because there aren’t any; there is only us, telling an old story about love getting born into this aching world.
  • By Tim Atkins
    The most important lesson pottery has taught me is to not be attached to the final product. Every time I’ve put a piece in to the kiln with a certain expectation of how it’ll come out, I’ve been disappointed. When I don’t much care in the end how it looks, I end up pleasantly surprised. I can’t be attached to those final outcomes — the process matters more than the product.

Tapestry of Faith: Curricula and Resources for Lifespan Faith Development

Chalice Children, in Preschool

Circle of Trees

Miracles, Wide Age Span

Spirit in Practice

  • A contemporary painter named Debora Jones-Buck has what many consider an unusual approach to her work. She prepares a canvas and then...
  • Once the great Sufi holy man and wise fool Nasreddin Hodja was walking down the street when a group of women came running up to him...

Toolbox of Faith, Grades 4-5

What Moves Us

  • By Sophia Lyon Fahs
    Excerpted from Worshipping Together with Questioning Minds, by Sophia Lyon Fahs. Copyright (C) 1965 by Sophia Lyon Fahs. Reprinted by...

Wonderful Welcome

World of Wonder, Grades K-1

UU World

  • By Anthony Makar
    A little playfulness can go a long way.
    Image credit: © Robert Neubecker
  • By Michelle Richards
    Children don’t want to hear, watch, or read stories that claim evil does not exist because they are acutely aware—even from very young ages—that it does.
    Image credit: © Kittisuper/iStockphoto

WorshipWeb: Searchable Worship Collection

  • By Leslie Takahashi
    With our shared force we can travel toward oceans of meaning and seas of connection.
  • By Tim Atkins, Jessica Ferguson
  • By Tim Atkins, Jessica Ferguson
  • By Tim Atkins, Jessica Ferguson
  • By Tim Atkins, Jessica Ferguson
  • By Amy Petrie Shaw
    I was talking with God the other day, ‘cause we’re cool like that. And God said “Hey, I want you to tell people something.” And I was kinda...
  • By Marnie Singer
    The chalice is the container — the space where the musicians and the listeners gather. The oil is the fuel— the hours of practice and the...
  • By Erika A. Hewitt
    We carry bags with us throughout the week for many reasons. Would any of you like to take our congregation's love with you to school, or to work, or on your travels? You name it and we'll take it from our heart supply and toss it in your bag!
  • By Heather Rion Starr
    May whatever gatherings or activities we engage in this Sunday afternoon help restore us — our connections to one another; our sense of...
  • By Laura Bogle
    To prepare, you'll need a few inflated balloons -- and to gird yourself for the improvisation required! Let’s play a game! Everyone knows...
  • By Leslie Ahuvah Fails
    All that we have been separately and all that we will become together is stretched out before and behind us like stars scattered across a...
  • By Christian Schmidt
    No matter who—or what—you are, you are welcome here. Let’s be clear: Here, we welcome goblins and ghouls, saints and sinners, angels and...
  • By Elea Kemler
    Six weeks into the church year, I have realized that I am the minister of a church where things usually go wrong. This morning the copy...
  • By Doug Kraft
    When I was a kid I liked to skip stones on lakes. If I threw a flat stone at the correct angle and with enough speed and energy it would...
  • By Margaret Weis
    May you feel the thrill of freedom as you ride your bikes, the freedom to journey together, and the freedom to connect with your deeper self.
  • By Michael Tino
    One of the potential spiritual lessons of sports comes in its ability to connect people—to each other as well as to a team of strangers...
  • By Robin Tanner
    I wonder Did God’s heart (I mean the love-mushy, endearing part of God) That part The heart that I don’t really believe in as a thing, With...
  • By Jennie Freiberger
  • By Peter Friedrichs
    I want not dainty bone china-cupped, oh-so-polite, pinky-extended sips, but guzzle-by-the-gallon, drink-from-the-fire-hose- two-hundred-...