Personal Stories

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  • By Teresa Honey Youngblood
    From Braver/Wiser
    People move places for jobs, relations, opportunities, escape, hindering our ability to put down new roots. And yet, we carry a constancy: the still, quiet voice within.
  • By Jess Reynolds
    From Skinner House Books
    In the 2018 volume of the inSpirit Series a vibrant new poetic voice invites us into an intimate relationship with nature, God, and love itself.
  • By Colleen M. McDonald
    From UU World

    Music is a spiritual discipline for me. And I only need to practice on the days I eat.

  • By Bruce T. Marshall
    From Skinner House Books
    Also available as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle store and on Google Play . A Unitarian Universalist minister and chaplain explores...
  • By Melissa Harris-Perry, Joshua Gamson
    A personal, intimate account of the extraordinary ways that today's families are being created.
  • By Erik Walker Wikstrom
    From Skinner House Books
    An eclectic mix of contributors share their reflections about spiritual practices in their everyday lives and provide models for those...
  • By Kenneth Sutton
    From UU World

    The impending death of a loved one often leaves us sitting in a between-state.

  • By Jim Sherblom
    From UU World

    The first time, I emerged merely breathless, wet, and cold.

  • By Meg Barnhouse
    From UU World

    The holiday season can be a tangled web of memory, tradition, longing, and joy.

  • By Meredith Olson
    From WorshipWeb
    We were all children once, and we carry fragments of our childhood times with us. Today, let us honor those children who walked before us,...