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  • By Sofia Betancourt
    From UU World

    We seek to reform Unitarian Universalism because we can never be the bearers of love and justice if the foundation that sustains us is still perpetuating the very problems we long to solve.

  • By Celia Thurston
    From WorshipWeb
    I light this chalice for all the times you have lit this chalice; For every time you struck the match Or flicked that zapper thing Or...
  • By Lisa Bovee-Kemper
    From Braver/Wiser
    Someone whispered to me, “Can you pray?” I had no earthly clue what to say. It was a profound gut-level panic. It was the moment I learned to speak the truth as best I understand it, and to hold space for it to bloom.
  • By Tom Stites
    From UU World

    ‘The problem in Unitarian Universalism is sometimes an idealism that is too abstract and too good to be true.’

  • By Marilynne Robinson
    From WorshipWeb
    Everyone has petted a cat, but to touch one like that, with the pure intention of blessing it, is a very different thing. It stays the mind.
  • By Phyllis L. Hubbell
    From WorshipWeb
    First Reader: We come to you with our hopes and our fears. Will you lead us in building a welcoming religious community, tolerant and...
  • By Gordon B McKeeman
    From WorshipWeb
    Ministry is all that we do—Together Ministry is that quality of being in community that affirms human dignity— beckons forth hidden...
  • By Peter Scott Lee
    From WorshipWeb
    Leader: We light our Chalice in honor of all those who have served in our ministry. ...
  • By Keith Goheen
    From WorshipWeb
    Let ours be praying hands, reaching out with the blessed energy rising in our souls and offering it freely in service to this shared ministry.
  • By Victoria Weinstein
    From WorshipWeb
    Gracious and loving Lord, in perfect assurance of Your presence here we pray your fulfillment of these blessings upon this minister who has...