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Beacon Press

Braver/Wiser: A Weekly Message of Courage and Compassion

  • By Kat Liu
    Outside of the meditation hall, we plan for the future and think of the past. But so often we replay past regrets and worry about future events to the point where we’re no longer present in the present.

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Skinner House Books

Tapestry of Faith: Curricula and Resources for Lifespan Faith Development


Chalice Children

Sing to the Power

Circle of Trees

World of Wonder

  • By Julie Simon
    Jamie sat on his bed, while his Dad talked on the phone. In just three weeks, Jamie was going to turn seven. He couldn't wait. He was...

Building Bridges

Spirit in Practice

Heeding the Call

Spirit of Life

  • By Susan Manker-Seale
    This story is an excerpt from the essay "Balance" by Unitarian Universalist minister Susan Manker-Seale, included in the book Everyday...

Love Connects Us

  • Preparation for Activity Familiarize yourself with the meditation below so you understand the timing and will be ready to leave sufficient...
  • Preparation for Activity Locate a space, preferably outdoors, where participants can walk briskly and safely, in a loose cluster, without...

Moral Tales

Wonderful Welcome

UU World

  • By Becky Brooks
    We need to rethink what ‘successful’ meditation looks like.
    Image credit: https://www.uuworld.org/
  • By Jane Ranney Rzepka
    Being responsive to shifts and changes—in justice work and beyond—is hard and crucial for Unitarian Universalists.
    Image credit: © istock/gerenme

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