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Braver/Wiser: A Weekly Message of Courage and Compassion

  • By Misha Sanders
    Sometimes people show up fully and be with me. And sometimes they cannot, even if they really care about me and want to help.
  • By Helen Rose
    When I internalize cultural messages about the definitions of success or failure—or anything, really—I undermine my own sense of self-worth.
  • By Alix Klingenberg
    Once I quit drinking, my inner voice and I began the harder work: that of creating a life from which I do not need or want to escape.
  • By Misha Sanders
    In real life, sometimes grief looms largest in December. Sometimes there's one too many dress-ups and the gold tulle makes your legs itch. “I just needed it to stop for a minute. Next time I will take calm breaths.”
  • By Robin Tanner
    This is a story of in-the-middle for those wondering how their story ends.
  • By DeReau K. Farrar
    I wanted so badly to break free and let loose—but I just couldn't. I was stuck in my own false ideas of the congregation's expectations of me. Luckily, there’s still time.

Tapestry of Faith: Curricula and Resources for Lifespan Faith Development

A Chorus of Faiths, High School Youth

  • A retelling of a Sufi wisdom tale. Once there was a woman who prayed to understand what path she should take in life. One night, after...

Chalice Children, in Preschool

Faithful Journeys, Grades 2-3

Gather the Spirit

Heeding the Call, Jr. High Ages 12-15

Love Will Guide Us, Grades 2-3

  • Based on a tale told in the 1700s by the Jewish teacher, Jacob ben Wolf Kranz, Maggid of Dubno. Other versions can be found in The Hungry...

Miracles, Wide Age Span

  • A retelling of a story from Cherokee tradition. When the earth was first made, it was very dark, and the animals were afraid. One day Bear...
  • From Christian scripture, John 6:1-19, New Revised Standard Version (Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson, Inc., 1990). A large crowd kept...
  • Sources used for this story include: “ Raising Heaven: Where Rocks Go Wandering ,” by Tim Cahill (National Geographic). The world still...

Signs of Our Faith, Grades 2-3

  • Based on a Santerian story. Special thanks to Lesley Murdoch for her insights to Afro-Caribbean religions. The Orisha are gods that came...

Spirit in Practice

Spirit of Life

  • By Elie Wiesel, from The Gates of the Forest. When the great Rabbi Israel Ba'al Shem-Tov saw misfortune threatening the Jews, it was his...

Windows and Mirrors, Grades 4-5

UU World

  • By Maryah Converse
    When we say everyone must pledge to be a member, some low-income people in the pews may be hearing that they aren’t welcome.
    Image credit: Stock art, photo of metal gears meshing together. One says "give" one says "receive".
  • By Sally Salisbury Stoddard
    Living to be 87 is a surprise, and I’m finding that old-old is different than just plain old.
    Image credit: © 2016 Daniel Nevins
  • By Jeffrey A. Lockwood
    Don’t worry about ‘nature.’ Worry about a species that can’t say, ‘Enough.’
    Image credit: © Fotolia/tab62

Worship Lab: Posts on Crafting Worship

  • By Erika A. Hewitt
    Failing to use a microphone is a form of exclusion. “When I’m excluded, I feel invisible. It’s as though I’m on the other side of a window from the room where almost everyone else is, and they don’t even notice that I’m stuck outside of their conversation.”

WorshipWeb: Searchable Worship Collection

  • By Shari Woodbury
    Good morning! Do you notice anything different about me today? That’s right, I’m wearing glasses. Have you seen glasses like these before?...
  • By Amanda Udis-Kessler
    One: It may be the hardest thing we will ever do, Many: Caught up in our self-righteousness, honing our pain. One: The one who offended may...
  • By Laura Bogle
    To prepare, you'll need a few inflated balloons -- and to gird yourself for the improvisation required! Let’s play a game! Everyone knows...
  • By Amy Petrie Shaw
    I have a voice. It is a small voice, perhaps, but it will not be silenced. When you call for black people to be beaten, and excluded, and...
  • By Ian W. Riddell
    Come one, come all! Come with your missing pieces and your extra screws Come with your hard edges and your soft spots Come with your bowed...
  • By Elea Kemler
    Six weeks into the church year, I have realized that I am the minister of a church where things usually go wrong. This morning the copy...
  • By Karen G. Johnston
    Inexplicable. How we rise each morning, instead of burying our heads under bedcovers, sewing them shut. Why we keep on welcoming babies...
  • By Heather Rion Starr
    May I move gently through this cloudy, murky, gray day. ...
  • By Robin Tanner
    Blessed are they who make giant mistakes, who know the hot sense of regret and ask for mercy, for their hearts will know the gift of forgiveness.
  • By Christopher A Rothbauer
    We gather together this morning, Because others came before us. Some have left examples for us to follow, Others lessons for us to learn...
  • By Joseph Seamon Cotter
    I am so tired and weary, So tired of the endless fight, So weary of waiting the dawn And finding endless night. That I ask but rest and...
  • By Martin Luther King, Jr.
    We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.
  • By Reinhold Neibuhr
    Nothing worth doing is completed in our lifetime; Therefore, we are saved by hope. Nothing true or beautiful or good makes complete sense...
  • By Kelly Weisman Asprooth-Jackson
    Dear great lathe of heaven, O foundry of souls, You churning, burning cosmos which has wrought me on the infinite loom of your celestial...
  • By Richard S. Gilbert
    In the midst of the whirling day, In the hectic rush to be doing, In the frantic pace of life, Pause here for a moment. Catch your breath;...
  • By Helen Lutton Cohen
    Each moment of our living brings us closer to our dying. Young or old, the knowledge of life’s end is with us, growing more real, more...
  • By Meg Barnhouse
    I have learned some things about life from canoes. I’m not saying I know how to paddle. I have been in canoes twice, and both have been...
  • By Lynn Ungar
    The universe does not revolve around you. The stars and planets spinning through the ballroom of space dance with one another quite outside...
  • By Yvonne Seon
    When I was a child, I would stand and gaze at the starry firmament and contemplate infinity. As I stood there, the boundary that is time...
  • By Manish Mishra-Marzetti
    The universe sings no less because time and space wear us thin. The music calls us to recognize our limitations, to recognize that the song...
  • By Elizabeth M Strong
    Enter into the communion of flowers with joyful hearts. ...
  • By Barbara Hamilton-Holway
    Let there be a quiet time among us. Spirit of life, in us and around us, here is our chance—once again—to live like we wish the world would...
  • By Andrew Pakula
    In sightless night, terrors draw near Nameless fears of talon and tooth Hopelessness yawns before us—an abyss Alone and unknown in the...
  • By Sonya Sukalski
    Overview Appropriate for up to 20 people. Everyone comes into the space, and there is a box waiting with instructions for taking worship "...