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Braver/Wiser: A Weekly Message of Courage and Compassion

  • By Tim Atkins
    One of my most treasured New Year’s traditions is coming up with a word for the year: a single word that I want to be the theme for my entire year. When I’m questioning what’s the right thing to do, I will look to my word of the year for guidance.
  • By Adrian L. H. Graham
    Coming out to my family was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. I realized that my choice was one of life and death, and I needed to let my secret out in order to continue living, and to do so authentically.
  • By Alix Klingenberg
    When we can gently hold things steady, change comes from within; that’s where the real growth happens.
  • By Elea Kemler
    It is deeply spiritual work to learn to treat ourselves with compassion; to learn to see ourselves, if only in moments, the same way we look at something or someone we find beautiful: a newborn baby, the ocean, a sunset.
  • By Rayla D. Mattson
    My oldest child was confused: why would no one stop and help us? Even though people weren’t stopping to help us, my son said, he wanted to be more like me and stop to help someone anyway.
  • By Robin Tanner
    We have narratives that guide the way we experience and know one another—but the Rev. Dr. William Barber often reminds me that “you must always believe the redemption of your enemy is possible.”
  • By DeReau K. Farrar
    How many times do I need to make mistakes at the expense of other people, or people’s groups, before I’m ready to admit that I’m not any better at this than the bigoted and willfully ignorant? If I am to “be change,” I must commit to humility and refuse to settle for my own comforting achievements.
  • By Maureen Killoran
    Life is neither a playground nor a game. The folded lies are real. With our voices, we can and will undo them.
  • By Jake Morrill
    What's my favorite weather? When the wind whips your face, you're alive, and you can think what you will.
  • By Jake Morrill
    .I want liberty and justice for all in my country. That will ask of me—and of many of you—the discipline of discomfort.
  • By Jake Morrill
    Those of us with some privilege in this empire may be tempted to seek refuge in it, as if privilege was ever going to save us. But who’s to say whether you’ve come to this place and position for a time such as this?
  • By Sean Parker Dennison
    I'm sitting here broken-hearted. I could try to convince you that it’s about the state of the world with its tragedies, suffering, and...

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Tapestry of Faith: Curricula and Resources for Lifespan Faith Development

Moral Tales

Signs of Our Faith

  • By Eckhart Tolle
    From The Power of Now (Novato: New World Library, 2004). A beggar had been sitting by the side of a road for over thirty years. One day a...

Creating Home

  • Adapted from The Empty Pot by Demi (New York: Henry Holt, 1990); permission pending. Long, long ago, the Emperor of an ancient land was old...
  • Adapted from a National Park Service website; used by permission of Wind Cave National Park. In this Native American legend, Lizard sings a...

What Moves Us

Building the World We Dream About for Young Adults

Virtue Ethics

  • A retelling of stories from the Ramayana, an ancient Hindu text. Perfect daughter, perfect wife, perfect mother. This is the way Hindus...
  • A retelling of a European Jewish wisdom tale. Once there was a man whom the entire village knew to be a gossip. He could not wait to share...

What We Choose

Resistance and Transformation

  • Downloading This Workshop You can download this workshop, save it on your computer, edit it, and print it. Download the entire workshop:...
  • Materials for Activity Handout 1, The Church and the Draft Resisters - Full Text Preparation for Activity Provide Handout 1 in advance to a...
  • Materials for Activity Story, " The Church and the Draft Resisters " Handout 1, The Church and the Draft Resisters - Full Text Preparation...
  • Materials for Activity Worship or centering table and chalice Participant journals Writing materials, including paper, pens, pencils, color...

Spirit in Practice

A Place of Wholeness

Love Surrounds Us

  • Odd Velvet by Mary E. Whitcomb, illustrated by Tara Calahan King (San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1998). Permission pending. On the first...

Wonderful Welcome

  • By Janeen K Grohsmeyer
    A story from A Lamp in Every Corner: Our Unitarian Universalist Storybook (Boston: Unitarian Universalist Association, 2004). Read or tell...

Amazing Grace

Toolbox of Faith

Riddle and Mystery

UU World

  • By Elaine McArdle
    New self-assessment tool is helping UUs identify their spiritual priorities.
    Image credit:
  • By Sarah Weaver
    ‘I thought I had to be what other people wanted me to be, but it didn’t work.’
    Image credit: Selfies of trans UU professionals Sarah Weaver, Chelsea Surfus, Katherine Childs, and jo mosher.
  • By Gwen­dolyn Howard
    ‘You said it was for the best if my soul remained hidden. . . . I believed you for a time.’
  • By Theresa I. Soto
    Unitarian Universalism has not always made space for the work of trans ministers, but the work of trans ministers has been precious and irreplaceable just the same.
    Image credit: The Rev. Dr. Gwen­dolyn Howard
  • By Alex Kapitan
    At the core of Unitarian Universalism is the idea that my truth and your truth can both be true, even if they contradict each other.
    Image credit: Selfies of trans UU professionals, including Mykal Slack, CB Beal, Alex Kapitan, Elizabeth Mount, and Leela Sinha
  • By Theresa I. Soto
    no one can rename you Other, it can’t stick, as you offer the gift of being and saying who you are.
    Image credit: Two transmasculine people sitting together and having a serious conversation
  • By Brando Skyhorse
    I want to tell the truth now, about how I passed—and how people passed me off—as an American Indian.
    Image credit: Illustration of a human face looking up. color blocks above.
  • By Lindasusan Ulrich
    Out of the blue, the 5-year-old turned to me and said matter-of-factly, ‘You’re fat.’
    Image credit: UUA Braver Wiser logo
  • By Doug Muder
    Seeing my own racism is like any other kind of self-knowledge: Unpleasant, but very real.
    Image credit: Silhouette of man looking down with sunset in background.
  • By Michael Hornsby
    Why I returned to my mostly white UU congregation.