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inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop

Tapestry of Faith: Curricula and Resources for Lifespan Faith Development

Hindsight, Humor, and Hope

Chalice Children

Wisdom from the Hebrew Scriptures

Building Bridges

Creating Home

  • Adapted from a National Park Service website; used by permission of Wind Cave National Park. In this Native American legend, Lizard sings a...

Love Connects Us

What Moves Us

Heeding the Call

Riddle and Mystery

  • Based on a wisdom tale of Japanese origin. Once upon a time, there was a stonecutter. He spent his life cutting up rocks for use in this...

Moral Tales

  • A Jewish tale from Afghanistan. Once, on a summer night in the country Afghanistan, the ruler Shah Abbis changed out of his fancy robes and...

Wonderful Welcome

WorshipWeb: Searchable Worship Collection